How to Start


Cannabis laws vary by each state in the United States.

We only activate accounts for vendors or wholesalers who have all the right business or medical validations for their state.

CHAKRAS will never activate a vendor or wholesaler who is not located in a legal state or not in the United States.

Our signup process is completely online!

You can get started immediately by going to this page.

The online registration will adjust for your state’s legal needs and makes sure that you submit everything that is necessary to legally carry CHAKRAS.

Once you finish the registration process you will get an email from the site confirming submission.

Our team will then review all of your details and approve your account if you have all the proper legal documents to start carrying CHAKRAS.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at Orders@LoveMyChakras.com.

Once you are signed up as a vendor of CHAKRAS you are able to place your first order.

After you receive your first order, we can add you to our on site directory.

It is up to your team to reach out to us to ask to be added to the directory and provide the following information to Orders@LoveMyChakras.com:

  • Store Display Name
  • Store Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
Getting Into

Cannabis + Yoga

We are proud to sponsor Ganja Yoga as part of 4:20 Yoga which has monthly events and more.

All events enjoy cannabis products as part of the ritual before Yoga and led by master instructors.

This is a great way to start experiencing cannabis and Yoga in Los Angeles.

Head on over to the 4:20 Yoga Meetup page to join.

Keep an eye on this website!

Over time we will continually add guides and practices for using cannabis with not only Yoga, but also meditation.

This is a passion of our’s and excited to share what we learn with you all.

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